Apr 4, 2011

some thoughts at the beginning of april

Kitty paw

it's already April? i can't believe that happened!

husband was away over the weekend, and most of it was spent staring at kitty paws like the one above, while I binged on Psych and knitted hats.

this having a baby thing is shifting so much of the way i view myself, my life, my goals ... everything. i find myself pondering the future of almost everything i do, from how i get ready in the morning to when and where i write.

i've been pondering the future of this space.

back in december, when i posed my super short questionairre to help me figure out the direction of this space for the whole of 2011, i got a lot of good comments. they've helped me shape some of the articles i've written so far this year.

one comment in specific has held with me, however. the gist was, i call this a blog about minimalist knitting, but i truly share so much more than that in this space. the suggestion was that i either change the name of this space, or re-focus back to knitting.

in the last three months or so, i've attempted to focus back to the knitting, with a fair amount of success. however, i find myself struggling more and more often. not to find knitting things to blog about, but to continue to discuss minimalist knitting.

i am definitely still a minimalist knitter. i definitely still want others to be minimalist knitters. i just wonder if that's all there is in my heart right now. the topic of minimalist knitting for me is entwined with simple living, crafting a home for my little family, new views on how we want to parent, and so much more.

when i started this blog, and this journey, i thought i wanted to simply pare down my yarn and focus in on what i was most excited about knitting. and now i've done that, and it makes me wonder if this blogging journey is done for now, or if it just needs some new life breathed into it.

i'm starting a big charity-based knitting project on april 15th. it falls in line with my one hundred hats challenge, and while i can't wait to share about it here, i'm also wondering if this space will be around to watch it come to fruition, and so if i should be sharing the info in a different space as well. not instead of, just in addition to.

because of this, these thoughts swirling around in my head, i'm taking a week-long hiatus from blogging. i'll be back in this space on Monday with more details about my charity-based knitting project, along with more thoughts on all these changes i'm feeling swirling about.

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