Apr 22, 2011

Summer stash bust, week one

Hat #1

It’s been an interesting first week of hat knitting around these parts. Rather, an interesting week of NOT hat knitting, to be honest.

Yarn for stash bust

I did not even get my wool yarn separated out and stored in its bag until Thursday night, truth be told. I had my cream skein of Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in my downstairs knitting basket, and cast on a hat with it on the 15th, but did not manage to get the rest of the wool sorted until almost a week later.

That sorting, by the way, simply meant moving my wool from one organized place to another after photographing it all to log to Ravelry. Not the most intensive project, even!

Box of yarn

This week has been all about relaxing for me. I haven’t been sick, I haven’t even felt overly tired. The best I can come up with is this – after a weekend full of football and engagement showers and spending time with friends, my body and the baby decided that what I needed most was to simply sit. And so sit I did.

I managed to get a fair amount of baby knitting taken care of, mind you, and this was wonderful. I’ve been systematically attacking that bit of goodness which is nice, but does not help me along on my goal of knitting two hats a week for Nest: Maine.

I’m not letting myself feel discouraged, however. I’ve got a weekend of knitting ahead of me, and I plan to use it wisely, and on hats. Zach and some family will be finishing up the last of the big painting projects {the foyer and the upstairs hallway/stairwell} which I cannot participate in, as we need to use oil-based paint on all of the woodwork.

This means I get to head out, find some quiet corners to hunker down in, and knit to my heart’s content. I hope to find a friend’s couch to nap on at some point as well. The excitement is palpable, can you feel it?!

So for this first week, I have a bag of yarn that’s been catalogued and set next to the couch, and one hat almost complete. A good start indeed.

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