Apr 25, 2011

ten things

Foyer nook

one. The one little spot in my house that is clear of dust, clutter, and almost everything but a few simple vases.

two. A foyer that is full of new paint and bright light.

three. Big plans for the week, including another Harry Potter viewing, catching up on some more Mildred Pierce, clearing out some more of the clutter from the first floor, and working away on some yarn-based projects!


four. Finding the perfect crochet blanket pattern for our mister, and chugging right along at it!

five. Finding the PERFECT baby tee pattern. Simple instructions, gorgeous finish, infinite possibilities for all the babes I know. {more to come later this week!}

six. Dusting off my sewing machine. We've got a bench in need of a cover and some pillows, and I can't wait to get started!

seven. Knitting through two hats this weekend. Hopefully getting on track for the Summer Stash Bust, and loving it!

Donated yarn

eight. Bags of donated yarn! A local lady contacted me about some yarn that was her mother's ... I've been meaning to go through it for a week now, and will finally get to it in the next few days. Can't wait to save some of it for my charity projects and send some of it off to Trace Jackson for her work in Uganda!


nine. FINALLY figuring out why my photos always looked so ... blue. I assumed it was due to all the cool tones on the walls in our house, but after trying to snap some photos of our friend's little boy the other day {at their home, in great light} I realized there was a problem. Turns out I had the white-balance on my camera set all sorts of funky! That's fixed, and hopefully so are my photos! {side note - Jack was NOT happy to be wearing a sleep sack!}

ten. A belly that's finally popping out for the world to see! At 21 weeks, I'm finally at the point where everyone around me knows without a doubt I'm pregnant, and people keep saying "wow! your belly is getting big!" Right now I love it ... in a few months, probably not so much!

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