May 26, 2011

i have become surrounded by yarn

what has happened over the last six months is ridiculous. i blog about knitting more while owning less, and yet somehow my yarn stash has grown by ridiculous amounts. some of this is due to people gifting me yarn to use for charity projects - i will never turn this yarn away, as most often it comes from the stashes of these folks, is yarn that they will not ever use, and rather than tossing it out or hanging onto it out of guilt, they gift it to someone who will use it.

but am i truly using it if i'm stock-piling yarn in the office like i'm waiting for the day there are no more sheep or yarn stores?

i have added a bit of this yarn to my Ravelry stash page, but i honestly don't want to add all of it. i'm embarassed at the amount of yarn i've accumulated, don't even really know how it happened.

what i do know is this - there is now so much that the cats are again finding remnant balls of yarn and tossing them around the house, creating modern art projects for me to clean up on a daily basis. the last time that happened, i decided to start Minimalist Knitter, and knit my way through my stash.

i don't know what happened. this is my truth, my wake-up call. this is my way of being honest, both with myself and with the folks around me.

i have been sitting on a new plan, testing it out for the past two weeks. i can see a time in the late summer where i will have to deviate from this plan slightly, but other than that one deviation, i think i can stick to it.

the plan is simple. i am going to knit through my entire yarn stash, not allowing myself to buy any yarn until it's all gone. if folks gift me yarn, i'll knit with it.

my one exception will come in the late summer, when i will lumber into a yarn shop as pregnant as can be to buy a crap-load of yarn in one color to knit something large. it's been plotted out and planned for some time, i just haven't had the guts yet to knit it. this fall is the time.

other than this one purchase however, i will not purchase any yarn until i no longer have a yarn stash. - my secret goal has always been to only have enough yarn to fill my one Amish basket in the family room. notions, needles, and yarn all kept safe in one basket i can grab and take with me in case of fire, long car ride, or just wanting to switch it up.

right now i am closer to one of those folks i have railed against, the folks with rooms of yarn. i want to model for our child a lifestyle of enough. only needing enough, knowing where that line is, and not crossing over it. minimalist? maybe. more likely a smaller life, a simpler life. but i cannot do this if my one great passion has taken over our entire house, if i've filled space after space with yarn and notions and needles.

one skein at a time, i am going to rectify this problem. i will continue to share my finished projects on the blog. the yarn i used, when i know it {much of these skeins are nameless at this point, unfortunately}, what needles and notions were needed, and what i think of the project.

i will use up the wool stash for charity projects, most of it turning into items for nest: Maine.

my larger-than-life acrylic stash will become a larger-than-life pile of sleep sacks to be sent off to the Pine Ridge Reservation for all their little ones in need of warmth this winter.

 my hope is that by the end of the summer, i will have carried yarn with me everywhere i go, and will have knit up a ridiculous amount of items for charity. i'll do my best to track, but the end goal {to knit 10,000 items} seems like it will be easiest reached when i'm not looking, when i'm filling my time with yarn, needles, and paring down.

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