May 25, 2011

new favorite egg salad

For the last few weeks, I've been craving egg salad sandwiches like nobody's business. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to get myself any. No longer! Thanks to the 101 Cookbooks Egg Salad Sandwich recipe, I should be able to eat egg salad as often as I'd like for the remainder of the spring and summer!

Egg salad

 I used:
  • six hardboiled eggs

  • three Tbs. mayonaisse {the recipe calls for two}

  • one stalk celery {the recipe called for two}

  • chopped cilantro to taste - i used four or five stalks of cilantro.

  • salt and pepper to taste

  • a super tiny squeeze of lemon

I simply mixed the eggs and mayo in a medium bowl, then added the celery and cilantro. I squeezed a tiny bit of lemon onto the mix, and added salt and pepper to taste. The longest part of the process? Hard-boiling the eggs!

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