May 24, 2011

sponsor this space in June!

June sponsor

I'm trying something new out in June - sponsor spaces in the right-hand sidebar! To do this, I'll be changing up the layout just a bit, adding a sidebar to the left for most of the info that's available now, and adding sponsor spots to the right.

While I offer up 99% of the content on this blog for free to all readers, I've been watching as more and more craft blogs offer up sponsor spots like this, and so am trying my hand at it as well.

June is a great time for me to start doing this, as there will be around ten finished knits posts, at least two new *free* patterns released, a "knit along with me!" challenge, and so much more!

You can have your ad featured on this space in super simple fashion. All paid ads run from the first day of the month until the last, and cost just $10 per month!

Ad sizes are 150x150px, and ads must be static only. To your left you'll see a sample ad - this is how large your ad will be, and will be featured beginning the first of the month in the "of interest" right-hand sidebar.

Minimalist Knitter is a small blog to be sure, receiving just over 10k visits a month - however, starting summer I'll be advertising on a few other blogs, will be sharing more and more finished knits as well as dips into my pregnant life, and am looking to grow a bit larger {both belly-wise and blog-wise}!

I hope to offer ad space up super inexpensively, as a way to help me pay for more advertising on a variety of other craft blogs - your money will go directly to promoting this space, in other words!

For more information, or to submit your ad to me, e-mail me at

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