May 2, 2011

thoughts at 22 weeks

+ My gait has officially begun to change. While I'm definitely not "waddling" yet, I can feel my steps are a bit wider {as are my hips, I'd imagine} and I'm definitely working my way towards waddling.  

+ The nesting desire comes in waves now. For example, where I used to not care a lick about how many cleaning products we have under the kitchen sink, the other day I cleared it all out, organized everything, and made notes for the future.

+ Also, nothing is being spared my critical "do we really need this crap" eye. I find myself wanting to donate or toss almost everything in our home, and am plotting ways to do this while Zach isn't watching so he doesn't miss things.

 + The babe still has no room. We're turning our guest room into the nursery, but as it's still got a queen-sized bed in it, there's not really room for any sorting or decorating with regards to baby stuff. However ...  

+ The crib is ordered and on it's way! Sometime soon we're hopefully getting the guest room cleared out, in other words, to make room for the crib. Next will be a dresser, and then the fun stuff will begin!

+ I am less and less inclined to want to do or say or think anything that doesn't directly relate to this kid, our home, or my family. It's a strange twist, and one I'm still settling into. About the only other thing that still holds my attention is charity knitting, thankfully!

Now that I'm past the halfway point, my big goal is to make it past 30 weeks - at 30 weeks pregnant my mom had my little brother, and despite weighing under 3 pounds and being in the NICU for two months, he simply needed to grow and turned out perfectly fine. In my mind, if I can make it past the "Dan threshold" the rest is an added little bonus for both the babe and I. Don't get me wrong here ... I'm not looking to deliver 10 weeks early, and don't imagine most preemies that small have so little obstacles. I'm just being honest about my head space when I think about this kid, this pregnancy, and my fears and such. Or maybe I'm just trying to pretend I might not actually have to be pregnant all. summer. long. Blech!

Over the next few weeks I plan to keep taking shots of my clothing when I think of it - in the bathroom at work, in the bathroom at the bookstore, pretty much anytime I'm around a bathroom mirror I guess! I asked Twitter if they'd like to see my minimalist pregnancy wardrobe, and after a resounding YES PLEASE I'm trying to comply. I don't have much fashion sense as it were, and get most of my clothes at either Target or Old Navy, but a peek at a closet not stuffed to the gills of all new clothes for these few months when my belly will expand to dramatic proportions could be fun! For now, as I take the photos I'll be uploading them to Flickr and my "minimalist maternity fashion" set. I hope to do a post sharing thoughts, specifics, and the like at some point between late May and mid-June.

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