May 27, 2011

Thoughts At 28 Weeks

28 weeks

+ I’m going to have to retire my non-maternity dresses soon … they are starting to creep dangerously close to ridiculous in the front, while hanging out at my knees still in the back! The dress in the photo above is the last of the non-maternity dresses I can still wear!

+ Wait, I’m in the 3rd trimester already?! It seems like the second trimester blew by without warning. 12 weeks to go, and I still can’t believe I’m pregnant!

+ My wedding rings are super tight on my finger. I may have to stop wearing them and find a cheapo alternative to rock for the next three months. I can’t imagine not having a ring on that finger anymore, although my inability to take them off a mere three hours after I put them on makes me think I need to find a bigger ring for the time being!

+ This kid … what a ninja! He kicks and rolls and elbows me all day long, but the minute someone else tries to feel it, he backs up into my spine and plays dead. He doesn’t seem to mind my hand on my belly, but apparently does NOT like to show off for family and friends. I keep reminding him that he needs to get used to the attention!

+ I’m definitely starting to waddle.

+ Any sense of grace and/or balance I once had has been thrown out the window. My biggest fears now are tripping up or down the stairs and knocking something expensive over in public. I have almost done both several times.

+ My nesting instinct still comes and goes. Now that we’ve got the crib, dresser and bookshelf set up, I have lost any sense of urgency at getting almost anything else ready for the monster. I know there are going to be showers and folks are picking up a few things here and there for us, we’ve got a drawer full of onesies for the first few months, and the rest will just sort of get figured out. My husband is concerned by this lack of concern.

+ On the flipside, I have finally gotten my baby-knitting mojo back. I knit up three little things last weekend alone, and have been mentally finalizing plans for hats, booties, and a few more pairs of pants. That this child will be experiencing his first few months of life during the cold season has finally sunk in, it seems!


I keep waiting for things to get hard, to feel super uncomfortable, to feel overwhelmingly huge and ridiculous. Other than being crabbier than normal when I’m even the least bit tired, I don’t really feel much different, however. Except for the large belly growing in front of my eyes, that is!

I take my lack of discomfort as a blessing, however. We were able to drive back and forth to IA City a few weeks ago to watch my brother graduate from college, and in a few more weeks we’ll make the drive to Chicago for a friend’s wedding. Other than having to stop more often to pee, the first trip seemed about normal, comfort-wise.

I am also acutely aware that these final 12 weeks happen during the hottest months of the year here in Omaha, and so I’m aware that I will start to feel swollen and too warm all too soon. Right now I’m relishing in every cool breeze I feel, and am trying to remember to stretch my muscles when I get the chance.


My hope is to post these updates more regularly over the next 12 weeks. I want to remember every bit of what I can of this time, and posting like this seems to be the easiest way to do so!

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