May 4, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday, Week 1

A few weeks ago, I asked Twitter if they'd like to see some shots of my minimalist maternity fashion, and the resounding answer was YES! I've been taking a few photos since then in the bathroom at work {hmm ....} and have decided to link up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy to share these shots with you once a week.

The goal of her WIWW posts is to share wardrobe choices from the week before. It's an effort not only to document clothing choices for me, but also a way to share my maternity "fashion sense" along with some ways you CAN go through a pregnancy without buying an entirely new wardrobe!

I had originally planned to do a long post about what I've chosen to bring into my maternity wardrobe, what's stuck around from before I got pregnant, and even give some tips and tricks to help out those of you who are pregnant.

I'll still be doing that, but in smaller incriments, and on a weekly basis! Somehow, it seems easier to me to share these photos once a week and talk a bit about these things each time than to come up with one huge post to share ...

All that said, here's my first What I Wore Wednesday!

Man, my belly grew a bunch, even over the course of just one week!

You may notice a few repeats here already ... the cardigan and the boots are regulars in my wardobe. In fact, I only own one cardigan right now, that grey one {from Forever 21}, so I wear it almost every day. Don't worry, I wash it on the weekends!

I also wear those boots {Target} a ton. In the wintertime, they are on my feet every single day, but now that it's getting warmer I'll be switching them out with my Toms {red shoes, middle photo} and even a pair of sandals now and again!

Of the three outfits, only two pieces are maternity - the jeans {Old Navy maternity skinny jeans} and the salmon-colored dress {also Old Navy maternity}. I've found all of my tee shirts still fit wonderfully, and I have five or six dresses that will still stretch over my belly for at least a few more weeks {like the one in the left photo, Target}!

My maternity fashion philosophy has been simple thus far - wear dresses and boots {or sandals!}. It's so easy to get ready in the morning, and because I began to wear dresses almost daily when I started Project 333 back in the fall, I've got plenty in my wardrobe! And because the dresses I picked up back then were more "flowy", I've been able to wear every single one of them all the way into my 23rd week!

My goal is to not have a completely new wardrobe to contend with in these next 20 weeks or so. With summer coming, I'm hoping I can just keep wearing the dresses I've got, the sandals already in my closet, and throw on my one cardigan when I get a bit chilly.

I've got a long pair of leggings {Walmart, non-maternity} that still fit great, and I may end up picking up a pair that hit just below my knees for those days when my non-maternity dresses seem a bit too short in the front.

See you back here next Wednesday for another round!

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