May 11, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday, week 2

Whew, the weather got hot in the past week! I ended up having to buy a pair of maternity shorts, although of course i didn't grab a picture of them last weekend!

Wiww may 6

We had "jeans day" last Friday, which I love ... I get to show off my "size 2's"! I definitely don't wear a size 2 when not pregnant, but for some reason the Old Navy maternity pants that fit me best are a size 2 ... trust me, I'm telling everyone, every time I wear them!

The top is Forever 21, and while it's non-maternity I'm pretty sure I'll be able to wear it for at least another month or two - yay for not having to buy as much stuff as I thought I would!

Wiww may 9

No cardigan today! Monday was super warm outside, so while I wore the cardigan a bit at work, I found I didn't need it as much! Sweet relief!

I have several dresses like this from Target - while this is the only solid-colored one, the cut of all four have been super forgiving through these six or so months of pregnancy. However, I'm quickly approaching the time when I'll either need to retire them for a few months, or pick up some knee-length leggings to wear underneath for modesty sake!

May 10

Please excuse the blurry photo here - it's the best I could do for some reason.

Can we talk about this skirt for a minute, please? I picked up a Groupon for American Apparel last fall, in the midst of our fertility treatments. I snagged this skirt and one other, and then hid them in the back of my closet, pulling them out only occasionally.

Silly girl - this skirt is magic!

It's a "sheer jersy shirred knee-length" skirt, although I assure you there's nothing sheer about it. The thing fits like a dream, and can be pulled up over the belly, worn under the belly, or rocked in the middle of the belly as I'm doing in the photo above.

I'm 5'2", so worn at my hips the skirt hits below my knees, but just by a teenie bit. Taller ladies could rock this above the knee with no issue. It's super comfortable, and I'm all but convinced I'll be able to wear it through most of this pregnancy without much of an issue!

Greatest Groupon purchase. EVER.


For those of you who are wondering, I've joined up with The Pleated Poppy for the remainder of my pregnancy {at least} to share what I've been wearing each week. Because I've got a small wardrobe, I wanted to share how I've been dressing my pregnant belly, my thoughts on which items you can take from pre-pregnancy to bump-dom and beyond, and how I'm faring in general with a minimalist wardrobe while pregnant.

I share my photos here {almost} every Wednesday - check out the wiww archives for more photos!

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