Jun 17, 2011

family favorite: husker dip!

Named by a bunch of football fans, Husker Dip is a favorite eaten all fall during football season. I also make it on occasion for work-related celebrations, and it's the perfect addition to your summer baseball-watching days! I'm not going to pretend Husker Dip is healthy - it surely isn't! - but it tastes amazing, and everyone you make it for will love you for introducing it to them!

Dip 1

What you'll need:
  • one can of Mexicorn - I always seem to find the Green Giant brand.

  • One can of Rotel's original flavor. This will be by the canned tomatoes

  • One 8oz tub of sour cream

  • 8oz of mayonaise

  • One bundle of green onions, chopped up

  • One 1lb bag of shredded mild cheddar cheese

  • One super large family-size bag of Tostitos scoops

Dip 2

Open both the mexicorn and the Rotels tomatoes. Drain both cans, and mix them together in a large bowl.

Dip 3

Add in both 8oz of mayonnaise and 8oz of sour cream. Stir this in with what's already in the bowl. It will look gross at this point - don't worry!

Dip 4

Cut up the onions and add those to the bowl.

Dip 5

Finally, add in the cheese. I like to add in half the bag, stir the whole concoction up, and then add in more cheese until it's cheesy enough for you. I tend to use 3/4 of a bag each time.

Dip 6

Once it's all  mixed together, cover the top and pop into the fridge for the night.

While you can eat this the same day you make it, it ALWAYS tastes better after sitting in the fridge overnight - all those flavors mix together to create a wonderful taste. Eat with Scoops - the better to grab more Husker dip per mouthful!

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