Jun 16, 2011

thoughts at {almost} 30 weeks

I can't believe I'm almost back down to single digits - this time the number of weeks until we meet our monster, rather than how many weeks pregnant I am. Still, it's a bit crazy to think that this little one has been inside me over 1/2 a year already! At our last visit, the doc told me I'd be lonely the first week or so after giving birth - that I will have gotten so used to having someone with me all the time, I'll feel lonely without him inside of me. Crazy to think, but I can bet that's true! Still rocking about 1/2 non-maternity clothes. This American Apparel skirt is seriously a god-send. I want to send them a letter -
Dear American Apparel, I know you're a bunch of pretentious snots, but this skirt will carry me all the way through my pregnancy. Way to go!
I don't think they'd appreciate it! - My lower back has begun to get sore after sitting in one position for too long. I'm constantly shifting about, and because of this, I won't be going to our friends' wedding in Chicago next weekend. A bummer to be sure, but I'm hoping to get some good work in on the house while Zach is at the wedding at the very least.

Other than that, I'm still rocking a pretty easy pregnancy, for which I am eternally grateful. Eating small meals, but ALL THE TIME; not a lot of swelling yet of my feet, legs, or other parts; no stretch marks to speak of - wonderful!; hair still growing like crazy. I'm glimpsing the exhaustion that will hit me in a few weeks though - lately I tire much easier, and have begun learning to pace myself a bit more while doing everyday tasks like laundry or even grocery shopping.

I'm also still trying to get used to people commenting on my size - it seems such a strange thing that it's perfectly okay to tell me how large I'm getting, when there is no other time in a person's life where you would say that. I know folks mean well, but it always comes across as a veiled attempt to tell me I'm overweight. Blech. Baby's room almost done - still need a few finishing touches, and then begins the massive photo-taking extravaganza. Can't wait!

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