Jul 21, 2011

A Week In The Life Starts Monday!

Witl Every year I say I'm going to participate, and every year I completely forget! This year, to keep myself accountable just a little bit more, I'm letting you all know ... I'm participating in Ali Edwards' Week In The Life!
From Ali directly: "A seven-day documentary project, Week In The Life is an annual opportunity to capture the simple everyday details of your life with photos and words."
Many folks who follow Ali and participate in this project will use the week to take tons of photos, write down their thoughts, and turn the whole project into a special scrapbook, or add to an on-going Week In The Life scrapbook they've already got going. Because I'm not a scrapbooker by any means, I'm doing it a bit differently - I'm going to document my week here on the blog!

Next week I'll take as many photos as I can each day, both with our "big girl" camera and with my camera phone. Each evening I'll upload them to my computer, do a little editing where necessary using Picnik (love!) and then post about my day here to the blog in the evenings.

I've got a few other things to share during the week, which will happen during the day, but my focus will be on documenting this week in my life.

I'm super excited that this is happening when it is - with just over a month before our babe gets here, we're in the full swing of final preparations - putting away presents from two baby showers (more on that next week!), getting lists together of who to call once he's born and what to bring with to the hospital, and prepping for our "new parent" and birthing classes. It should be a full week, and I can't wait to be conscious of documenting every step of it!

Are you participating in Ali's Week In The Life?! I'd love to hear your past stories of projects like this, and your plans for this year!

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