Jul 12, 2011

above the crib

remember when I showed you the finished baby blanket, and there were some colorful balls in the crib?


There were quite a few balls in the crib.

Here's what happened. I was on Pinterest, and saw this photo. And I thought "we should do that in our baby's room!" Except in blues and lime green, because that's our general color theme. So we hit the craft store and the party store, and bought the mother-load of put-together-yourself balls.

Over the weekend we attempted to put said balls into some sort of decorative ,,, thing ... above the crib. And I was hot, and tired, and I promptly threw a mega-tantrum when things didn't go as planned.

So we took a break.

But we got back to it eventually, thanks to my lovely husband who ignored my smaller tempertantrum and just started getting to it.

Crib balls

The easiest way to do this? Take one of the biggest lanterns, and start stringing the smaller lanters to it. Like so:


First impressions? We love it. It hangs as low as I wanted, and whiel it doesn't stretch as wide or as deep as I'd have originally liked, it's perfect for this little room, hanging just right above the crib.

Our super high ceilings (at least 9 feet) mean this won't hang as close to the crib as others like it - at least, not without adding a whole bunch more paper balls and lanters to the piece, but we love it where it's at, so that's a good thing. High enough that my 6'1" tall husband doesn't hit his head when leaning over the crib, but still enough presence to really add to the room.

Done and done.

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