Jul 11, 2011

for our son: granny stripe blanket

Blanket 1

pattern: Granny Stripe Blanket from Purl Bee
yarn: I Love This Yarn! in navy #390 (five skeins) and soft blue #70 (less than one skein)
hook: size I hook

When looking for a blanket to make for our babe, I knew I wanted to make something that had some texture for his little fingers to explore, but that I could easily work through in a short amount of time.

Started in April, I assumed this blanket would be done by the end of May at the latest - and it would have been, had I not completely set it aside for several months!

Blanket 2

The Purl Bee pattern calls for fingering weight yarn and a size C hook - far too tiny for me to work with! I picked up some hard-wearing acrylic at Hobby Lobby, increased the hook size, and started to work!

I cast on enough stitches for 40" of blanket (didn't write down the number, unfortunately) with the lighter blue yarn, and worked HDC for two rows. I then worked a granny stripe pattern for 30 rows before repeating the contrasting HDC rows.

Three sections of this, ending with the contrasting color, and I wove in all ends. Done, and done!

Blanket 4

{the fun stuff in the crib? I'll explain in a bit ... consider it a sneak peek into the baby's room decorations!}

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