Jul 14, 2011

hogwarts hats!

So, who's going to see the final Harry Potter movie this weekend?! We're waiting until Saturday afternoon - my mom is coming into town on Friday evening, and both she and our friend Melanie have yet to see The Deathly Hallows, part one so we're watching that on Friday night.

In anticipation of the final movie event, I've been knitting House Hats for the last week or so ... and with just a day until Potter-thon (which is what I've dubbed the weekend ahead!) I've got half of one hat left.




Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin are done, off the needles, and ready to be worn. Hufflepuff needs a few more inches, but it will certainly be ready in time for the final Harry Potter installment!

And because they love me my husband, mother, and friend have agreed to wear these House Hats with me to the movie on Saturday, and we're going to take a commemorative photo befiting Potter-thon. The theater we're going to serves food and drinks, so I'm hoping I can sucker our waiter into taking the photo - if not, I'm not above embarassing everyone with us by asking a random stranger to take the photo for us!

For those not as into Harry Potter as I am, you'll have to bear with me - I'm positive I'll be back next week with Potter photos a-plenty, and I already know I'm going to share some of the fun photos and more I've been finding on Pinterest this week.

And for those of you who love the Potter as much as I do, I hope your Potter-thon is as amazing as mine is sure to be!

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