Jul 26, 2011

loving lately: giving the gift of Gussy


As a small way to say thanks to my friends for the shower they so thoughtfully planned, I purchased two medium Gussy pouches. I love my large Gussy pouch so much, I knew these ladies would fall hard for Gussy's ruffle and deceptively roomy puches, and boy was I right!

After taking a few minutes to decide who got which pouch, they both declared they would use them as their daily wallets.

One friend said it was the perfect thing to toss in her diaper bag for her cards and cash - cute enough to just grab out and carry on its own, but also easy to find amongst her boy's diapers and toys!

The other friend said it's the perfect little wallet to carry as a clutch when she heads out and about on the town, and that hers will go PERFECTLY in her purse as her daily wallet as well!


Inside each pouch, I put in a few extra goodies - I had a blast raiding the sale sections at Bath and Body Works, and grabbed each lady some hand sanitizer, some Rose Salve, and a few travel nail files. And you know I left Gussy's cards in each pouch so the laides could hand them out!

It felt great to give a little back to these ladies who spent so much time showering me with love, and it was such an easy way to do it - simply pick up a few products I knew they'd love and hand them over!

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