Jul 25, 2011


My amazing friends threw me a small shower this past weekend - it was full of books, diapers, and good times!


They wrapped up books in brown paper and used them as decorations throughout the room. Each book was hand-titled after a book dealing with the life of a boy - genius!


The cupcakes had little flags in them, with handwritten words pertaining to babies - diapers, blanket, boy, pacifier and more!


It was a books and diapers shower, and we now gratefully have shelves full of books and a closet full of diapers - enough in each size to last us at least a week or more!

Other small touches that made the afternoon wonderful:

+ Each person was given a goodie bag as they left - hand-written with their name on it, and a cut-out letter "D" for our last name! Filled with just a few small goodies each, it was a great way to make every guest feel welcomed and remembered!

+ As guests came in, they were asked to write their names on envelopes. After the shower was done, I got the envelopes (and the thank you cards that came with them) - and I got all my thank yous written out that afternoon without any issues! I was super grateful to not have to look up addresses, and didn't have to pick out cards!

+ They asked what foods and drinks I've been craving and delivered in spades - strawberries and chips, root beer and cupcakes were all we ate, and I definitely felt catered to on the food front!

+ We played games that weren't designed just for folks who already had kids. One game involved songs with the word "baby" in the title, and the other was specific to Zach and I. Having things a bit more personalized like that, and friendly to moms and non-moms alike meant everyone could play equally well.

These ladies sure do know how to throw a party - I was grateful they thought so deeply into the afternoon, and am so thankful that folks wanted to show up and gift us with such thoughtful things!

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