Jul 1, 2011

thoughts at 31 weeks


Welcome to 31 weeks, and the home of scattered Robyn brain! I've taken to carrying a notebook with me everywhere I go so I can keep track of all the stuff I want to do in the next nine weeks. My thoughts jump faster than I can keep track of them, and on top of that I'm also planning some super fun stuff for the fall when it comes to the blog and shop!

Below are some of the scattered thoughts I've had in the past .... 20 minutes or so?

As I seem to be saying all about town lately - holy crap on a crap stick! We are in the single digit countdown now, folks. Nine weeks {give or take baby stubornness} and this little kid will be home with us. I have to keep reminding myself "we have a crib, we have like 20 newborn diapers, we've got some clothes already, and I've got boobs. We will be FINE."

Because it doesn't feel like we'll be fine - not that we're not excited or anything. It feels like my "get done before the monster gets here" list just keeps growing, and all I keep doing is sitting on the couch and knitting and marveling.

This does not mean things are getting done. At least, not by me. Zach is rocking out our new floors like a champ, and once he's done with those, his list is complete. Bastard.


{That white tank top is a maternity tank top, by the way. All of my maternity tanks, except for the Be Maternity tanks from Target. I'm heading to the store to get more this weekend, and packing away all the rest of them.}

I'm about sick of wearing the same ten things every week - four maternity dresses, three maternity shirts, one skirt, one pair of maternity pants that are still comfy, and maternity tanks. I want to hit the shops, pick up a few cute things for the next two months, but I'm refraining like mad. What's the point in buying a bunch of new clothes I'll only wear for 9 weeks or so, and then will have to be packed up?

Two nights ago I had a dream two friends and I swung over to London for the evening to grab drinks and check out yarn shops. As in, we hopped in a line, showed our passports, and five minutes later were across the border from Omaha to London. Where we drank pints and fondled yarn for hours.

When I woke up, the strangest part of the dream to me was the fact that I can't remember what beer tastes like.

The plan this month is to finish up all sorts of things, especially for the babe. Get the room done {and share some photos!}, whip out a few more knits for fall for the kiddo, make room in our kitchen cabinets and linen closet for the onslaught of baby things, stuff like that.

I'd love to give myself some bangs. Or shave my head. I'll probably do neither.

Also, whoever told my esophagus that I didn't think he could produce heartburn? That person can suck it. I now wake up at 2:30am like clockwork, in DESPERATE need of far more than the recommended dosage of Tums. And also? Since when do bread, pretzels, or crackers give a person heartburn?

My feet have grown. Swollen up? They don't look swollen, but none the less, I can no longer fit into most of my shoes. Which of course makes me want to go shopping! I've got one pair I can rock at work, and have decided to spend the rest of my summer barefoot. It's actually quite nice!

That elbow/shoulder/chin I keep feeling in my lower right ribs? It better move it's way towards my pelvis soon! Not that I don't appreciate it and all, but I'd prefer to not have to think "breech birth"!

Despite what it may sound like today, I'm actually loving being pregnant still. Not loving how I snap at my husband when I'm hungry (sorry, baby!) but otherwise the aches and pains are truly not that bad. All things considered, anyone who puts on 20-35 pounds in less than a year, all in one basic part of their body, is bound to feel a bit of discomfort ... but I'm learning to pace myself and just sort of take it in stride.

Here's hoping that attitude keeps up as the summer gets hotter, I get bigger, and this kid gets closer to being here!

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