Jul 29, 2011

thoughts at 35 weeks


{from Friday morning, drinking my morning glass of water}

I can't believe that in about a month our little man will be here! I keep saying that, over and over, because it never ceases to amaze!

In the past week we've managed to acquire just about everything else we'd need for him - hamper, burp cloths, more diapers and a wipes, the little stuff that you know you need but somehow either forget to register for or don't get.

He's still breech, by the way. Something like only 8% of babies are still breech at this point. While I know we can have an external version after 37 weeks, I'm super excited that - thanks to a chance encounter at my husband's work just yesterday - I've gotten hooked up with an acupuncturist in town who has huge success with flipping breech babes. We're going to try that first, and hope he takes the hint!

Everything is still swollen, my feet taking the cake at the end of the day if I haven't been able to put them up enough while at work. After just 30 minutes of laying around on the couch though, they go back to their new normal. I can't wait for fall, to be able to wear some of my old shoes again!

Yesterday Zach said my belly is starting to look "funny shaped" - it sure is! With the monster quickly running out of room on my 5'2" frame, you can now distinctly see where he's laying, as my belly distends in that direction. Creepy, yet super cool.

Of all the things I wish for the next five weeks, tops on my list is for the blasted heat to break so I can have a bit of reprieve! Can someone get on that for me?!?!?

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