Aug 4, 2011

Featured Sponsor: Jane Richmond!

Jane richmond oatmeal I'm super excited to share more about one of my sponsors today - Jane Richmond!

I've been knitting from Jane's patterns since the beginning of the One Hundred Hats project - her classic designs offer easy knitting with gorgeous results, which is something I look for in most of the patterns I use and purchase.

Through knitting her patterns and conversing with her over the last few years, I'm happy to say Jane has become a friend, and a generous one at that!

Here's just a bit of info about Jane, her patterns, and her website.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog/website.

I design knitting patterns that are meant to be fun to knit and easy to wear. In knitting, the process is just as important as the end result.

My design aesthetic is simple yet classic, I don’t believe that knitting needs to be complicated in order to be beautiful. Many of my patterns are excellent choices for new or beginner knitters because of their simplicity and readability.

Exclusive Discount Code For Minimalist Knitter Readers!

Robyn, let’s offer a discount on the Etsy Shop and on Ravelry! The code for both is MKblog, will give folks 15% off their order, and is good untiil the end of August!

As summer turns to fall here in Omaha, you can bet you'll start seeing many of Jane's patterns show up on my needles - they always seem to be some of the first I grab for!

Jane and I also have a fun partnership worked out for the fall, her patterns, and my shop ... details to come in a few weeks!

For now, head to her Etsy shop, her Raverly shop, or her blog to check out her many amazing designs!

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