Aug 23, 2011

In the next few days

That's our bags, packed and ready to go to the hospital. That's right, on Friday (FRIDAY!!!! FRIDAY!!!) we'll be welcoming our little man into the world!

Between  now and then I've got a few more fun things to share, and then ... baby time!

Don't forget to enter the A Black Pepper giveaway - that will stay open until next Monday, when I'll turn on the computer long enough to let you all know who wins!

And while we're getting used to the little man, I'll be taking a bit of time off (I'll share a few photos with you, don't worry about that!) - but I've got some amazing folks who have sent over some amazing guest posts ... great knitting thoughts, some things they're Loving Lately, and even some mommy must-haves!

I know you'll welcome them with open arms, and I'll swing by to share cute photos and stories when I've got time!

Hooray for babies!

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