Aug 10, 2011

Knit A Square Knitting Tutorial

The squares needed for KAS blankets can be the simplest of squares, with every row made using just the knit stitch. What follows are the directions from their site, along with some photos my husband took of my knitting a square to help those of you who are visual learners.
What You Need:
  • Any worsted weight ball of yarn. Here I’ve got a ball of Hobby Lobby Brand I Love This Yarn!

  • Any set of size US 10 / 6mm needles. I love to use circular needles for almost anything, but you can pick up straight needles at any craft store in this size for just a few dollars.

  • A yarn sewing needle, darning needle or tapestry needle. This will help you weave in your ends when the square is done.
Using your yarn and needles, cast on 30 stitches. I like to use the long-tail cast-on method for almost all my knitting, but as long as you keep your cast-on edge somewhat loose, you can use any method you’d like.
Row 1: knit all stitches.
Row 2: knit all stitches again!
Continue working every row in the knit stitch until you can fold your square into a triangle like I have below, and the ends line up. That’s how you know its square!
Simply bind off all your stitches, and weave in just one of your loose ends. On the other end, leave a one meter / one and ¼ yard piece of yarn for help in joining squares together. I like to leave this piece on the end where I’ve bound off – it’s easier to judge how long the end is this way!
To make your ends easy to deal with, butterfly wrap them up (see the photo below).
Some Square Suggestions:
>> Don’t let a super small bit of yarn get you down – you can combine yarn colors to make striped squares super easily! Simply join your new yarn at the beginning of a row, and remember to weave in all those ends!
>> If you’re new to knitting, you should be able to pick up a pair of needles and a skein of acrylic yarn at any craft store (even your local Walmart will have these supplies!) for less than $10. If you aren’t sure you’ll want to become a knitter or not, borrow a pair of needles from a friend at first!
>> Figure out how many squares you can make from different brands of yarn. Every acrylic yarn brand comes with slightly different yardage and gauge suggestions. This is the perfect chance to get the most bang for your knitting buck! You may find you get three more squares out of one skein of yarn than another – I love figuring this sort of thing out! And with most acrylic skeins costing $4 or so, you won’t spend a ton of money while you figure it out!
>> Pass the project on! Knitting squares like this can be a fast way to teach folks around you how to knit … if you’ve got extra knitting needles and acrylic balls laying around, consider finally agreeing to teach your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to knit. They’ll fall in love with knitting, you’ll gain a few new members to your knitting circle, and Knit A Square will benefit from all the extra squares sent their way!

{These are charity knits 265 - 267/10,000. I'm knitting 10,000 items for charity in my lifetime as part of my Ten Thousand Project.}

Have you been working on any squares this week? If so, link to your blog post/flickr photo/Ravelry project page below ...

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