Aug 15, 2011

simple style: summer maternity must-haves

Being pregnant during the hottest months of the year is never super fun - you've gained some weight, it's hot and sticky, and you find yourself much less able to stay cool - even in air conditioning!

Whether you're summer pregnant during your first trimester or last, keeping cool is a must for any pregnant lady!

As I'm spending my last weeks of pregnancy in the midst of the summer heat, I've been keeping track of those things I find myself turning to daily - to help keep me cool, ache-free, and even a bit stylish as my belly grows to amazing size and our little man grows big and strong!

Maternity must haves

1. (be)materinity tank tops. I own four of these bad boys (two black, one grey, and one white), and wish I owned at least 10! These tanks are super comfortable and can easily be worn through your entire pregnancy. If I'm honest, I've been wearing mine since I was approximately 8 weeks pregnant, and will miss them terribly once I'm not pregnant anymore!

2. Maxi dresses! As the weather heats up, dresses have become my go-to daily choice. Maxi dresses help keep you from getting the "short in front, long in back" dress problem many pregnant ladies get, and if you're lucky you can do what mamas like Rebecca Wolf of Girl's Gone Child have been doing, and buy non-maternity maxi dresses a size bigger.

I'm not able to do that, however - at 5'2" I'm a bit too short to wear a dress a size or two too big without some serious alterations. I've managed to pick up a few maternity maxi dresses on sale however, and have been loving them daily!

3. Bath And Body Works tinted lemon blackberry balm. I discovered this wonderful stuff just a few weeks ago, and haven’t stopped using it since! I’m not a huge make-up wearer in general, and the thought of putting anything heavy on my face during this heat has kept me from using all but mascara – and even that gets left behind most days!

This lip balm adds a hint of color and tastes/smells/feels amazing on though, and its helped add just a bit of pick-me-up to those days when I’m feeling bloated and like I’ve got four chins instead of one!

4. Black moccasins from Target. I’ll admit it freely, my feet have swelled up to epic proportions. By mid-July I was no longer able to wear a single pair of my shoes thanks to a combination of typical third trimester swelling coupled with the heat and humidity.

On a trip for baby stuff to Target I saw these moccasins and fell in love. Yes, I’ll probably stretch them out to the point that I won’t be able to wear them once the monster gets here, but for six weeks of foot comfort, they were worth every penny! No “breaking in” time, they are do-able for both work and play, and they go with literally everything I own. SOLD.

5. Generic body lotion. (not pictured) I never did buy into the whole “this cream will keep you from getting stretch marks” theories. After reading several studies that said stretch marks are more a genetic thing than a lotion thing, I kept right on using my Walgreens-brand lotion on my tummy, thighs, and other bits every day religiously.

To be honest, because I have super dry skin, I’d have done this anyhow.

Keeping up with a pattern I was used to, coupled with copious amounts of water, and there are no stretch marks anywhere there weren’t before. This is not to say some might not show up last-minute or reveal themselves after the fact, but so far? So good!

The little things:

Air conditioning + keeping a hair tie on me everywhere I go + putting my feet up every chance I get + gallons of water a day + DQ Blizzards + the Harper Connelley series by Charlaine Harris, downloaded to my Kindle + turkey sandwiches and strawberries + frequent breaks between completing tasks

What are some of your tips and tricks for other ladies lucky enough to be super pregnant during the hottest months of the year, like I am?! While I may be winding out of this pregnancy, the tips and tricks are much appreciated!


  1. I wish I could give you some super advice to be less miserable...but I have none. Sorry! My littlest man is turning 1 8/18, so I was on your shoes this time last year. I just remember keeping my feet propped up in front of a fan, in the air conditioner. You are almost there, and a year from now you'll remember you were miserable, but won't remember the details! lol (Same goes for labor too!)

    And a note on stretch marks and lotion. First baby I got a few after I went past my due date, second they came pretty quickly...and by the 3rd you just don't care and wear them like proud battle wounds! lol And if you ever want to super treat yourself for dry skin, try Aveeno lotion. I never bought it cause it was a little expensive, but got a trial size bottle and fell in love!

    Good luck hun! Hang in there and keep cool!

  2. I love this list! i think it is so important to pamper yourself during pregnancy you deserve it because growing a child is so hard!