Aug 5, 2011



Whew! So much has happened in the last seven days – what a whirlwind!

With one week to go until I’m officially “full term”, I headed off to my doctor’s appointment, only to find out I’m starting to show a few signs of preeclampsia. I put on six pounds in two weeks (I should only be putting on one or two a week, so that’s a bit high) and my blood pressure was 132/94 (that bottom number should be in the mid-80’s). While there’s plenty of other signs I don’t have, the doc wants to monitor me a bit closer – welcome to my home, little blood pressure cuff!

I now have to check my blood pressure 3x a day to make sure I’m not heading back into the 90’s with that lower number, and I’m supposed to drink tons of water, wear sexy compression socks, and not do as much.

For the record, I have been pretty much sitting on my ass and knitting while watching television these last three weeks or so, so I’m not sure how I can do LESS. But there you have it – straight from the doctor herself.


As for the actual monster himself, all is well. He is still decidedly breech – his little bony butt is sitting directly on my cervix as we speak, with no intention of moving. He also loves to play “find my heartbeat” with the doctor at every visit – I think it’s adorable, but she may not.

I had an appointment with an acupuncturist on Thursday – more about that next week – who has a really great success rate with flipping breech babies, and I also have the option to rock the external version. Between these two tactics, I’m hoping we can get him turned around, and that the preeclampsia won’t necessitate induction so I can potentially still deliver vaginally.

At this point – just four weeks before he’s due – it seems strange to me that so much of this is still so decidedly up in the air. He may stay breech, he may still turn. I may deliver by c-section (and early at that) or he may come naturally, and even after his due date! My preeclampsia may necessitate more medical intervention, it may just have been a combination of heat and eating too much fast food (don’t lecture me – I needed me some fries these past few weeks!) causing a bit of a problem.

Mostly I’m just trying to relax and ride out these last weeks. Which? I’m not going to lie, is getting harder and harder. A big part of me wants to walk into my doctor’s appointment today (to double check my blood pressure, swelling feet, etc) and tell them to heck with it, let’s just schedule a c-section and get this kid into my arms already! The heat, she has gotten to me folks. That, and I’m ready to see this cute little boy and his cute little face and his cute little toes and begin our family life as three instead of two.

Just when I get all crabby and DONE WITH IT ALL and ready to throw in the towel however, Rebecca posts a pregnancy post of her own. Lady is 30 weeks pregnant with twins folks – THIRTY WEEKS. TWO BABIES. Yeesh! I bow before her and her goddess-ness. After carrying just one this summer, I am now acutely aware of just how much I do not want to ever have twins. Sheesh!

As for me and my little babe, I will be sure to keep you all updated – if he flips, if I have to have a c-section, etc. And as an added bonus, some amazing folks from around the internet are going to keep you all entertained a bit once the kid gets here – some great guest posts are lined up and waiting!

Until then … happy 36 weeks to me!

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