Aug 12, 2011

thoughts at 37 weeks

What a week it's been! Quick burts of updates on a few things ...

Acupuncture: Last week's session was amazing, and now the baby is wiggling his way around more than wever! Granted, he does not turn completely around, and he still prefers the breech position, but simply the fact that he has moved around as much as he has in the last week gives me hope that he'll get flipped during the external version.

External Version: We've got our external version scheduled for the 23rd of this month. At just two weeks before his due date, he'll be bigger and thus a bit harder to move, but I wanted to give him as much time to flip on his own as possible. If he doesn't flip then, a c-section will be scheduled for the next week.

Preeclampsia: I'm still doing fine on this end as well. Blood pressure remains in the "good enough" range, my foot swelling has abated quite a bit since the heat has broken (hooray!) and we've gotten into a fun little pattern of me sitting on the couch and knitting while Zach cooks dinner. Then we both pretend we're going to do things like laundry or the dishes, before collapsing into bed.

So, those are the good things. But this last week has also been super hard. We found out on Wednesday that Zach no longer has a job. Downsized, re-deployed is what they call it. Three weeks before the baby is born, and we are one-income family.

I think we're both shell-shocked, to say the least. We can't live off my income alone (at least, not the way we've been living!) and so we're making some big changes, and some small ones as well. Along with his putting out his resume and such, we're cutting back on expenses, and making some changes to how we look at income streams.

I'm focusing a ton more on this blog and the shop - my hope is to have the combined punch of the two be a viable part of our income by the first of the year. This means I've already got a document full of ideas for items to sell in the shop, and I'll be posting a big update next week sometime (don't worry, I'll be sure to tell you all!).

I'm also moving this blog away from Typepad, and over to Blogger. (for those of you already reading this there ... HELLO!) The $15 a month pricetag is no longer in our budget, and Blogger offers just as many bells and whistles - you won't be missing out on anything, I won't be missing out on anything, and all will continue as before. I'm hoping to be able to switch the feed reader over seamlessly, but if you're not seeing new posts on Monday morning, head on over to and re-subscribe!

In the midst of all of this, I'm remembering all that we have to be thankful for - we've got insurance still. We've already gotten everything we need for the baby, from clothes to diapers to a crib to toys and books. Our home and car are in wonderful shape. We've got a great network of family and friends here in town who love and support us.

And of course, there's you all! As the next weeks and months unfold, I'm excited to share it all with you - the bigger and better shop, the new babe and all the joy he will bring to our lives, our re-commitment to minimalism and what that means for us as we become a three-some family with a smaller income (hopefully just for the short-term, on the income front!) and so much more!

See you all next week, and here's to a much less eventful week 38 in this pregnancy!

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