Sep 23, 2011

how i spend my nights

Owen is quite a snuggly little baby, which is wonderful most days. But some nights (like Wednesday night, for example) he needs to be held a lot. Like, all night a lot. He'll fall asleep in my arms, but as soon as I put him down he freaks out, wakes himself up, and cries until he is picked back up.

Some folks would say this is the time to start sleep training him, to let him "cry it out". But he is just one month old, has no idea about anything, and will all too quickly not be a snuggle bug anymore.

So we dance. Back and forth around the first floor so we don't keep Zach awake all night with us, watching Netflix Instant and talking. I tell him stories about our days before him, my hopes and dreams for him, and remind him over and over just how much I love him.

And when he finally does lay down on his own without waking himself up, or on the nights when he doesn't need to be danced around, I find myself bouncing around as I walk, missing these snuggly times.

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