Sep 26, 2011

introducing: The Shine Project!

Have you heard of The Shine Project yet?

Through her blog Ashley aims to help as many people shine as possible - changing the world and doing good around the world. After deciding that she didn't need to choose just one thing to do or be, Ashley has made it her personal mission to help folks SHINE by doing all the things they're passionate about and want to do with their lives!

To add to her amazingness, Ashley is raising money to help inner city kids head off to college once they graduate from high school! Her Shine Project Scholarship Fund is raising money by asking folks to collect their change in her Change For Change drive, as well as receiving a dollar donation from every Shine Necklace she sells from her shop.

I'm lucky enough to have one of her necklaces, and ever since it arrived in the mail I've hated taking it off. I love the reminder to SHINE in my daily life, whether it's snuggling my little Owen bug, knitting for charity, or even doing the dishes. We all have the chance to do good in the world with every moment of our lives, and wearing my  Shine Necklace reminds me of that!

Head on over to Ashley's blog and check out what she's doing ... I promise you'll be hooked on her positivity!

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