Sep 9, 2011

loving lately

Two weeks with Owen locked up tight, and we are still loving every minute of being near him. At his two-week check-up we learned he's growing at just the right rate, has put on almost a full pound to his birth weight, and can charm the socks off every nurse he meets!

Next week is our last week home as a three-some before Zach has to head back to work and Owen and I are left home on our own all day! We'll miss the papa time to be sure, but I'm looking forward to forming a new routine with the little guy!

Next week I hope to get back into the swing of blogging regularly again with a few simple posts and such. Until then, here's a few things I've been loving reading this week:

To feel is to live. Great quote.

Shauna had a simply wonderful shower for her soon-to-be-here little boy!

The latest bread Elise made sounds like her best yet - I may just have to try it out myself in the coming weeks!

Loving Sandra Juto's shots of her Wrist Worms ... such great reminders of fall and handmade goodness!

Slacker Beanies are back!!! Slacker Beanies are back!!

Liz is joining forces with her adorable boyfriend to bring His and Hers coding genius! Can't wait for the new site to be up and running!

Jen Renee is headed to Renegade in Chicago, and I'm loving what she's bringing with her!

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