Sep 30, 2011

one month with Owen!

** ceiling fans, whether on or off.
** his Rock'N'Play sleeper
** bare feet, no matter how hot or cold outside
** sleeping on daddy's legs
** sleeping on mama's chest
** milk. doesn't matter where it comes from, as long as it comes regularly.
** bath time.

** being set down when he wants to be cuddled.
** diaper changes.
** boogers being cleaned out of his eyes.
** onesies being put over his head.
** anything that keeps his hands from constant access to his mouth.

I can't believe it's already been more than a month since Owen was born! He's unintentionally smiling already, gives huge eyes to all manner of new things (carpet on his toes, the wind in his face, kitty kisses and so much more) every single day.

He's still wearing newborn onesies for the most part, but is already out of his newborn footied sleepers - what he lacks in girth he makes up for in length, apparently! We keep saying we want to pick up a scale so we can see how much he weighs; at his last doctor's appointment he was just under 7 lbs, and I'm betting by the time we take him at the end of the month he'll weigh just under 9 lbs if he keeps eating 3oz every two to 3 hours!

We're loving having him in our lives, and already can't imagine life without him!

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