Sep 2, 2011

The 12 Days of Knitting {guest post from Kelli}

If you read my previous post, you know I’m a type A knitting crazy who uses Google docs and organization to propel myself toward the holidays. I also like the occasional swear and the regular glass of Chardonnay, especially when a stitch is dropped – but that’s another story.

I’ve got through my stash and determined what I’m going to be knitting this year for the holidays. I’m focusing on two main projects for girlfriends: Finny’s hoop scarf and this gorgeous beret.

After going through my stash, I’ve got quite a bit of bulky yarn that will work well for the scarf and a few skeins for the beret. I’m going to use what I have first before hitting the local yarn shop. Because let’s be honest – I’ve already pawned a kidney at that shop and should probably be working on paying off my debts before feeding my fiber gluttony.

But then there are the men. Men are so hard to knit for. Not because there isn’t a plethora of gorgeous patterns, but frankly – the men who are permanent fixtures in my life (brother, father) couldn’t care less. And those who aren’t permanent fixtures aren’t always worth the effort. That said, this year there are two exceptions. My best dude friend in Phoenix and my best dude friend in Denver are both going to receive a lovely handknit. Phoenix will likely be a new beanie. He snowboards and is outdoorsy and I can’t ever see him wearing a scarf. It’s Phoenix, after all.

But Denver! Well. He’s a man whose style is to be commended. I found these two cones of tweed yarn at an Aspen thrift store and paid just $3 for them. I plan on using my magical duo – thrift and smug – to turn this find into this Eco Duo Cabled Scarf. He is also a skier, so perhaps there will be a beanie for his February birthday too.

And while I am not in the least bit excited about pulling yarn into my lap while it is still silly hot outside, there is nothing like giving a handmade item that makes a loved one squeal.

Giddy up, my knitting brethren. May your holiday planning be merry!


Thanks so much to Kelli for this amazing guest post! She's a peach for giving me some time off to enjoy my new little boy Owen!

Kelli Donley is a novelist, gardener and crafter living in Denver, Colorado. She blogs at:

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