Oct 5, 2011

Knit A Squillion September Update

I'm changing it up a little bit with my Knit A Squillion posting - I'm switching to a monthly check-in, and calling it a knit-along! That way I'm not sharing one or two squares at a time, you folks have more time to knit (or crochet!) up your squares, and once a month we can come together and share all the pretties together!

September was a slower month in squares for me - you can see the posts I shared throughout the month here. I managed to make eight squares, which is more than I thought I would, but less than I wanted to. {photo above shows 10 squares - two are repeated in photos!}

I'm setting a big goal for October - to knit 15 squares and share the photos! This will help me bust through a bunch of my acrylic stash as well as get me back ahead of the game as far as my monthly goal for this project goes.

How was your square-making for September? Did you reach your goal, surpass it, or skate in below the line like I did?

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