Nov 27, 2011

cyber monday sale!

That's right, it's a CYBER MONDAY sale! As promised, I'm offering up a few different coupon codes - pick the one you want, so you can get the best deal for you!

FREESHIP - this will give you free shipping on your entire order! (perfect if you're just ordering one item)

CYBER2011 - this will give you a cool 15% off your entire order! (i'd use this if i was picking up a number of items - 15% off can add up super fast!)

I've listed as many READY TO SHIP items as possible in their own separate category - there's Simple Slouch Hats, Naomi Hats, Mustard Scarves, fun items from the Holiday Sparkle line, and new to the shop ...

Kid-Sized Ear Flap Beanies!

These adorable beanies are available in a variety of colors and are sized to fit up to a child around 5 years old (sizing is given in each listing so you can be sure the hat you're buying is the right size for the babe in question). I'll be listing Kid-Sized Ear Flap Beanies as made-to-order items in a few days, but for the Cyber Monday sale all beanies are READY TO SHIP!


  1. hiya! I am new to your blog. This is a cool idea, and I love your beanies. I am learning to crochet baby beanes right now. Do you like knitting better or crochet? Just curious :)

    Have a wonderful Monday

    <3 Jenn

  2. jenn - i actually prefer knitting most days, but i go through crochet jags at least twice a year. and i tend to make blankets with crochet, and baby/kid hats in crochet as well!