Nov 10, 2011

life lately, in photos

lots of knitting up and mailing out orders and giveaway pieces. (pictured: two Casey Cowls, a Nicholas Scarf, and a Sleep Sack)

working on Christmas presents. (pictured: a scarf for my niece - more about it next week)

someone has discovered his hands - and how to drool. everything is now wet and slobber covered, and i'm sure teeth aren't too far behind .. can't believe we're already there!

i'm trying to remember to take more photos of our daily life, although most of our daily life still involves being held while we walk laps around the family room. and now that Owen weighs at least 10 lbs (yay for that!), my back is protesting. i'm thinking we'll be bundling up and going for more walks around the neighborhood instead!

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