Nov 28, 2011

the day after thanksgiving

More morning snuggles with Grandma Mimi. I think if Owen could start every day like this, he'd be the happiest guy in the world.

The Huskers played Iowa, and WON! I hoped for a shut-out so I could hold it over Dan for the next 364 days, but Iowa managed to get one touchdown. No photos during the football game (too busy watching), but Zach managed to snap one of Grandpa Snazzy watching on his very own little television while eating chili.

This is a family that loves their dominoes, so when it was discovered that a few little hands had mixed together several incompatible sets, several folks took to dividing them up and getting them ready to be used for domino play. after a heated game using "double twelves" Uncle Brian won, and our little family decided to head back home.

One of my favorite Thanksgiving/Christmas traditions includes dragging our decorations and tree out as soon as Thanksgiving is over and starting the process of decorating the house for the holiday season! Because we didn't get home until Friday afternoon, we didn't get things fully decorated until later than usual, but it was such a treat to pull everything out of the basement Friday night!

Owen was not impressed.

And thanks to the lights dying on our older fake tree, we got a new one!!!

Don't forget about the Cyber Monday sale going on right now in the shop - there's bunches of READY TO SHIP items (which i'll be adding to all week .... sssshhhh!), and you can always order something Made-To-Order as well! I'll be offering up the Cyber Monday discount codes the rest of the week!

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