112 in 2012: the patterns i'll be using

Are you as excited as I am to get started making 112 hats for charity in 2012?! I've been contemplating patterns for a few weeks, and while I definitely won't be using a bunch of different patterns, I also will be using more than one for sure.

I've picked out five patterns to start with. All are patterns I've used at least once, and all are patterns I know I can whip up in just a few days time without much stress. All are patterns that can be memorized rather quickly, so I shouldn't need to carry patterns around everywhere I go. And most importantly, all are patterns I'll love making on repeat, so I will be able to simply cast off one hat and cast on the next one right away!

Here are the patterns I'll be using:

Walk In The Park Hat -I've used this pattern in the past to knit up hats using acrylic in my stash. And as I've got TONS of acrylic to knit through, and this pattern moves fast and fun, I'm excited to be using it on hats again!

Vancouver Hat - Ravelry Link) this is one of my own patterns, and perfect for

Jane Hat - (Etsy Link) I'll be using this pattern for all the wool I've got. I love how the Jane Hat looks much more time-consuming than it is, making it work up much faster than you'd think.

Urban Jungle Crochet Beanie - I've made this once before, and took notes. There's a few things I'd change, but otherwise this worked up quickly and looks great when it's done. Perfect for giving to teenagers!

And for the littles, the Aviatrix Hat (Ravelry Link). The pattern sizes up to 4+ years, so it's perfect to make for the youngest of kiddos heading to the Food Pantry party next year.

I'll also be writing at least one pattern in the next month or two (and a crochet one at that!) for this project - more details on that as I get closer to sharing the pattern.


  1. The "Regular Guy Beanie" on Ravelry is a great free pattern. I've made two this past week. It seems to fit everyone and is a good stashbuster also.


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