Dec 23, 2011

Four Months With Owen

I'm watching you play with your feet in your crib - you were falling asleep while drinking your bottle, but as soon as your head hit the mattress, awake you were! But you're not upset, so in your crib you stay, while I watch you and marvel that you are four whole months old today.

In the next few days you will be bombarded with presents from family members and Santa, and I can't wait for you to not care at all. I'm not putting much stock into this Christmas - you are so young still, so interested in only your turtle and your ball that I don't think you'll care too much about the barrage of plastic that's about to hit our home!

So much has changed for you this past month, it's hard to keep up sometimes. In the last thirty days you have:
  • learned to roll from your tummy to your back, mostly in an effort to avoid tummy time.
  • decided rice cereal is THE BEST THING EVER!!
  • put everything into your mouth you can find (see photo above as evidence)
  • started learning to sleep in your own bed
  • started learning to eat most of your calories during the day rather than the night
  • turned a full 360 in your crib
  • grown another inch - you've now grown 5" since you were born!
  • grown out of your 3 month pants, and are now in 6 month sizes (for length, let's not kid ourselves here)
  • started blowing bubbles and razzing up a storm
  • gotten a touch of stranger anxiety

You love sitting in between my legs and playing with your toys; it won't be long before you're sitting on your own playing with toys and ignoring me completely except to ask for money before you head to the mall with friends.

You are in the 40th percentile for height, but just the 4th for weight; considering you started out under 6 lbs, you're gaining weight just fine, but you sure are tall and skinny! And as dad likes to point out, in just a few more inches you'll already be half as tall as mom!

You've started talking over us, sort of. Whenever the people around you start talking, you chime in with your vowels. You haven't mastered many consonants yet, but they're coming fast. I'm going to pick up some baby sign language DVDs in the next month so we can start figuring that all out - I'm betting your motor skills will develop before your words, so I want to give you as many ways to communicate as possible.

One third of a year ago, we were just getting done trying to flip you around for the very last time, and setting up your birthday for three days later. We were getting ready to head to trivia, unaware that you would be making your entrance into the world in superstar fashion.

Today we are ordering you geek-fabulous onesies with phrases such as "n00b" and "bazinga!" on them, excited for you to fit into them you can show off your geek roots with pride.

Happy four months birthday my love!

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