Dec 22, 2011

holiday cards 2011 // notes for next year

Rather than let some other company make our cards for us, I took this HILARIOUS photo I grabbed of Owen recently (he looks so frustrated at the reindeer hat I couldn't resist!), and using Picnik (free site!) created our card ourselves. Uploaded to Walgreens and had them print as a photo, and then sent in regular envelopes.

Simple, perfect for our family this year.

NEXT YEAR: use the postcard option at It costs under $1.00 per postcard, and ends up being about what we spent anyhow between printing out photos, buying envelopes and the return address labels. Write a note on the back of each one (feels more personal that way), use a holiday stamp, and send!

Bonus to this? I can order exactly how many I need and I won't have any random supplies laying around. Plus, who doesn't love a postcard?!


  1. Adorable!! I did something similar with my holiday card added some text, printed it out, used some adhesive to stick it to black card stock and wrote on the back! SO simple!

    I use picnik too, I was wondering how you got that white horizontal strip at the bottom where you wrote your text on? Thanks!!!

  2. lindsay - under the "stickers" tab, scroll down to geometric. there's a rectangle in there, and i just change the size to what i want, the color to white, and the fade to around 50%.

  3. Thanks Robyn! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    PS - I've been knitting up so many of your Casey Cowls for holiday gifting this year. Thank you for that simple pattern! I love it.