light at the end of the tunnel

After almost two full weeks of having a super fussy and crabby Owen, we were at the end of our collective rope. Not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time, eating no more than an ounce or two at a time, Owen seemed extremely fussy and uncomfortable, but without a temp or any signs of sickness.

On Saturday we dropped him off at Grandma Mimi's house for his first overnight stay - we were heading out on the town to celebrate Zach's birthday and took the opportunity to get some sleep as well.

When we picked him up, grandma had figured out the problem - his formula. One bottle of soy-based formula and less than 24 hours later, and Owen is ...

well, take a look yourselves!

He was having trouble digesting the regular formula he was on, and apparently sometimes it takes some time for that to manifest. Now that he's bigger and eating more formula at a shot, his tummy was beginning to protest.

With is first soy-based bottle he at 5 ounces and then slept for three hours. With his next, he ate 6 ounces and slept for seven hours. And then woke up and smiled and giggled and played and wiggled, our old baby back and ready to rock.

And both Zach and I got decent sleep last night, which was another huge blessing, and all three of us are hopeful that this little switch (so simple!) will continue to make a huge difference!