Dec 27, 2011

off the needles: Kenzie's Caps

pattern: Granny Skull Cap, by Chelle Grissam
yarn: I Love This Yarn in purple, yellow, sparkly white and lime
hook: size I / 5/5 mm

While back-to-school shopping this fall, my niece Kenzie discovered an intense love for a granny-squared beanie purchased at a chain store. She was floored to realize I could make her something exactly like it, and in any color she would like. She promptly asked for not one, but FOUR of these hats for Christmas.

A quick Ravelry search found me just the right pattern, and so yarn was purchased and I began to work! Making a quick few adjustments to the hat pattern (so it would fit her teenie head!) I quickly whipped through her four hats!


+ pattern calls for two rows of increases that each double the number of stitches. In the second, I eliminated two sets of doubling.

+ instead of working 11 rows before the finishing row, I worked only 10.

1 comment:

  1. I love all of those colors! I have a sparkly white here at home, but it's the thinnest yarn ever! I'll have to mix it with something else when I'm ready to use it.