seven on a friday

01 // Play dates are the best! Especially with an almost two-year-old who reminds me just how fleeting my time with a little baby are!

02 // Hoping there will be time this weekend to go look at Christmas lights. First, we must figure out where the best neighborhood to do so is!

03 // Since his foray into soy formula, Owen's decided that his 0-3 month pants are all too small. Can't wait to see what happens when he starts eating cereal and mashed fruits!

04 // Speaking of introducing foods, Owen's four-month check-up is next week, so we're thinking they'll give us the go-ahead then.

05 // There is one week until all presents must be knit up, under the tree, and ready to give. EIGHT DAYS. I am not ready for this. I still have all the things to knit!

06 // Poppleton is pretending to help me out with said holiday knitting in the above photo, but we all know her real intention is to attack the yarn and sweet-tasting needles as soon as I turn my back. Knitting in our home is an exercise in constant vigilence!

07 // Thanks to our "all-Christmas, all-the-time" radio station, I've been drowning in auditory holiday cheer since the day after Thanksgiving. I just today realized I didn't make any new Christmas music purchases because of it! Any suggestions?

Have a great weekend!