008 // Waffle Hat

pattern: Waffle Hat, by Gail Bable
yarn: Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller Washable Ewe, donated by Janette
needles: size US 9 / 5.5mm 16" circular needle
made for: Hats for Sailors Ravelry group, which sends batches of hats to sailors in the US Navy, one ship at a time.


After knitting up this hat several times as gifts at the end of 2011, I knew I wanted to work it up for charity. And thanks to my discovery of the Hats for Sailors group on Ravelry, all I needed was some washable wool to make it happen!

When I knit this hat, I tend to knit it on size 9 needles instead of the called for size 8 needles, to give it a bit more loft than my tight knitting generally allows. And after a call put out in another Ravelry group for some washable wool (I had none in my stash!) I am now set up to knit bunches of hats for Naval sailors.

Why this group? I have a cousin who is in the Navy, I have a few friends who have been or are currently in the military, and I quickly and easily found this group. They take donations of any and all handmade hats, in any color or pattern - just so long as the hat is made from WASHABLE wool.

Let's be honest, the idea of WASHABLE wool was a mystery to me. Isn't the whole thing about wool that it's not washable?! Thanks to some gals in my Harry Potter group on Ravelry though, I not only now know that wool can in fact be made washable, but I now have bunches and bunches of skeins of it ready to use! Look for more hats for sailors in the near future to be sure!


The pattern itself is a wonderful one ... simple to memorize, no DPNs needed for the top section, and it can be made for either a guy or gal, depending mostly on the color yarn you use. As purple is the color of the yarn that was donated, purple is the color of this hat! It is also meant to fit like a beanie, but as my head is smaller than some, it fits slouchy on me. The brim can be folded up to make it fit like a beanie however, or it can surely be worn slouchy like this, which is how I like it anyhow!


  1. I love that hat. Someone will be thrilled to receive it. I added the pattern you used to my list of things to knit someday.

  2. Hey, we have, like, the same hairdo! And we both make hats! How awesome is that? :D I just got my hair cut.. I feel like it'll be a good 'do for cowl modeling. You pull it off.


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