Blogging Gift Exchange

When Casey posted earlier in the month that she was hosting a blog gift exchange, I jumped at the chance! I love gifting fun things to folks, and any chance to befriend a fellow blogger is always a good thing!

I was partnered up with Nikki of Super NoVa Mom, and after spending some time getting to know one another we sent off packages. Early this morning, a package arrived on my doorstep, containing the above cookies.

Nikki bakes - man, does she bake! She has an at-home baking business named Noms By Nikki, and wowie are her treats good! If I lived in the DC-area, I'd be ordering items from her ALL THE TIME.

You can bet I'll be munching on these cookies all day long, not eating anything else - and hopefully one or two will last until Zach gets home from work, but I make no promises!

This blog gift exchange was so much fun - can't wait to do it again!