Jan 22, 2012

Crochet Hats For Men

I love the connections you can make through a blog. On my Waffle Hat For Him post, new friend Hannah commented about crocheting her husband a hat, and some of her frustrations with finding the perfect pattern. Because I am who I am, I shot her an e-mail back with a few fun patterns I'd found on Ravelry. Then I got to thinking - if Hannah is in need of some good man-friendly crochet hat patterns, I bet others are as well!

With men's hats, simple is always best - in my experience, men don't want frilly or lacy, and unless they pick it out themselves using a neutral color and the most basic of stitches tends to be the way to go. While this can feel boring to crafters, seeing those men in your life actually wearing the items you've made for them definitely trumps any crafting boredom you may feel! After getting her permission to share this little tidbit, I set about rounding up ten of my favorite man-friendly crochet hat patterns from Ravelry.

Reversible Strands (free Ravelry download only)

Truffle Shuffle Skully (free pattern!)

Grizzly (free Ravelry download only) - mitts are designer's Paws pattern

Ribbed Winter Hat (free pattern!)

Colonel (Ravelry purchase only)

Onederlan (Ravelry purchase only)

Streetwise Brim Hat (free pattern!)

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