Jan 15, 2012

ten things // veggie tales

01 // Did you know that Veggie Tales are all on Netflix Instant?! We've been watching them since Tuesday, and I'm pretty sure Owen's a huge fan!

02 // The first time I saw Veggie Tales, it was the late 90's, and I was at a friend's apartment. We giggled at Dave and The Giant Pickle as we watched it over and over.

03 // My husband has never seen a Veggie Tales, but still knows at least three of the Silly Songs, thanks to my singing them on repeat since the end of last century.

04 // "I don't know exactly what you mean ... but you are NOT A DOG!" is my favorite line from any of the Veggie Tales.

05 // Except for "Veggie Beat Magazine didn't say anything about this."

06 // The guys who invented Veggie Tales went to college with an old friend of  mine.

07 // The same friend was friends with a girl who dated one of the members of DC Talk, and then married him.

08 // Looking back, I'm not sure that she always told the truth, but I loved her anyways.

09 // I might break down and watch some of the newer Veggie Tales at some point, but for now we're watching the ones made in 2000 and earlier on repeat.

10 // My favorite Silly Song? Oh, Where Is My Hairbrush?, naturally!

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