fool-proof baby shower gifts

In the coming two or three weeks I've got no less than three baby showers to attend - it would seem the stork is on his way to Omaha big time!

While everyone fills out a registry full of items they definitely want, I've formulated a short list of things to add in with each package - things new moms may not even know they want, but have been definite life-savers!

one. Long-sleeve onesies. No matter when the babe in question is being born, long-sleeve onesies are a hit. Grab them in a newborn size, but also in a few other sizes as well. 

two. Anais and Aden blankets These four-packs of blankets are the best things ever. Owen sleeps with his, snuggles them while he's playing, lays on them ... just about anything he can!

three. Dr. Brown's Formula Mixing Pitcher For mamas who are going to use formula, this pitcher makes it super simple! It mixes the powder into the water for you, and much better than you'll ever be able to. Trust me.

four. Itzbeen Baby Care Timer This genius device tracks last feeding, nap length, how long since the last diaper change, and even which breast you fed from last (for breastfeeding mamas). Perfect for the first month or two, when everything seems so hazy.

five. Summer Infant SwaddleMe You no longer have to swaddle your babes yourself, thanks to these bad boys! They wrap baby up tight in three simple steps - Owen loved sleeping in his for three months at least!

six. Aveeno baby lotion. We use both the daytime and the calming nighttime. I know folks swear by Johnson's baby lotion, but for babes with dry skin (which Owen inherited from me) you need a bit more than it can give.

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