earflap hats // week two

Week 2 hats

Week two of my May hat challenge did not see as many hats finished as week one. You can see above week one hats on the left and week two hats on the right.

That's right, there's only three.

Some weeks mean more hats and some mean less. This past week was a hard week, full of a crabby baby, some test knitting, a few visits with friends and an extended family get-together. All this coupled together to mean less hats made for the Chicago Food Pantry.

But! The month isn't even half over and I've already finished up 12 hats - pretty good if I do say so myself. I'm loving that I've moved from only striping colors with white to browns and greys, and I even pulled a large skein of black yarn from my stash to use with several skeins of neon yarn I've got.

How did your week of charity crafting go?


I'm making 10,000 hats for 10,000 people. This are hats 071, 072, and 073.

* Read more about the May Crochet hat challenge here, including the pattern I'm using for all these hats.