May 31, 2012

eleven hats for the Chicago Food Pantry!

Slouch hats

When I finished up my May Charity Challenge hats with about a week left in May, I knew I still wanted to make hats for the Chicago Food Pantry. I also knew I needed to be working with a pattern (or patterns) that I could cast on and just run with - nothing that would take brain power or written instructions.

And so I cast on, with chunky yarn in most cases, and on sizes 11 or 15 needles. I worked variations of rib patterns, one Invisible Children Hat and one striped cap. I didn't once have to think about pattern or look anything up, and I managed to knock out eleven hats!


These hats were added to a box I'd been filling this month - a box I will be excitedly placing into the hands of my friend Kathie, who collects the hats for the Food Pantry. I'm super excited that I've managed to make another box full of hats for her, and know they'll be used and loved this coming winter!

And here's me wearing all eleven hats, thanks to Instagram photos:
Collage 1
Collage 2


I'm making 10,000 hats for 10,000 people. These are hats 093 through 103.

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  1. These slouchy beanies are so fun! Slouchy beanies are my faaave.