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I wrote you a letter when you turned nine months old. And it feels like as soon as I hit publish, you changed.
You are no longer a baby; you are now somehow a toddler.
You are sitting up in your crib - we got the mattress moved down JUST in time for that one!
You can go from any position to sitting, and love to do so!
You crawl three or four steps before sliding back to sitting, and shimmy your way backwards and sideways all over the place.
You scoot to, and then pull yourself up onto just about anything you can find.
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I know everyone says the days are long, but the years are short. That I will blink and you will be an adult. But I never realized they meant one day to the next you would be all but unrecognizable to me.
No longer my baby, that's for sure. My little man now.
And I love it!