Jun 12, 2012

tee shirts from onesies

It's such a crazy thing to realize how big your kid is getting! Recently Owen started growing out of all of his summer pj's ... before summer is even here!

We didn't want to just run out and pick up new jammies though. He's got tons of sweat pants and pj-pants that still fit him, and all he really needed were some short sleeved jammie shirts to make it all work.

What we lacked in shirts we more than made up for with white onesies, though. Perfect for layering in colder months, we don't put him in plain white tees very often when the weather gets super warm. I unpacked the sewing machine (I can't believe how long it's been since I've used it!) and in less than 30 minutes Owen had five new pajama tees in his collection!

Step 1 // Start with your onesies. Mine came in a five-pack.

Step 2 // Cut the bottoms off each, and iron the ends up. I folded the bottoms up twice, so there wasn't a rough edge inside the onesie.

Step 3 // Before sewing, I double-checked the length against one of Owen's long-sleeve pajama shirts.

Step 4 // Sew, sew sew! I only ran one straight line around each onesie - looking back, I should have done two straight seams, but no big deal!

Step 5 // Snip all your ends! I like to wait until the end to do this, as I'd rather just take one trip to the trash can than five!

Step 6 // I ironed the seams down one last time, just because I was so excited they turned out so well!
While I can't wait for Owen to reach the age when we can just purchase white tees for him to sleep in with  his pj pants (just like dad), I'm super proud that these turned out. It's been years since I sewed anything, and this simple project definitely got me excited to sew more, and soon!

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